How to Kill Ants

how to kill ants

Killing Ants

Ants may be small but they are resilient little buggers. They are warriors and will keep attacking over and over again. They will attack anywhere and anytime. They will over take your yard, your house and even your picnic. They have no respect and will invade no matter what. They are various methods to kill them and to keep them out of your home base. First, I will discuss on how to kill them outside and how to destroy their headquarters. This is a war and you better be prepared. When you see one ant, there are usuallymore, lots more. Locate a trail, this is their first line of defense. Follow them back to their base and remember the location. Take out the trail and then destroy the base which is filled with reinforcements, basically an unlimited supply of troops.

One method to take out their first line of defense is with baby powder. Simply pour it on them and they will die. Another is to mix high concentrated soap with water in a spray bottle and spray them. They will die instantly. An easy and brutal method is to simply stomp them to death. These methods may need to be repeated a few time before you take out their nest.

To kill them in large and I do mean large numbers, find their anthill. It is their home base and wiping that out will greatly reduce their numbers and may even bring the war to an end. One way to do this is with boiling water. Simply fill a large pan with water, bring to a boil and pour over the ant hill. They will die almost instantly. Another is to open their base up with some sort of stick and form a crater. Then fill the crater with baking soda about halfway up and then fill the rest with vinegar. This will wipe them out. Use all of these together and you will have won the war with the ants.

Now, if they have already breached your borders there are still ways to kill them. If you see ant trails in your house spray the soap water mixture on them and they will die. Clean you counters with this or vinegar to kill them or to keep them away. Also, they hate lavender oil so put a few drops in your cleaners and this will prevent them from coming any closer. To keep them from crossing the boundary there a few methods to use. Follow their trail and see where they are entering/exiting from. Get some basic white chalk and draw lines around this area, they will not cross. Cinnamon and ground chili will work as well. Also, they hate bay leaves so place them around their favorite areas. They also seem not to like mint oil either. Do all of the methods I have told you about and you will be any free in no time.

If you have caught an ant and want to treat it as a POW or torture it to death the best way to do this is with a magnifying glass. On a sunny day catch an ant or a few of them. This can be done with tape. Place them on the ground and hold the magnifying glass over them. They will eventually catch fire and burn to death. Yes, this can be viewed as inhumane but this is a war for god’s sake. If you feel this way maybe you should get overrun with ants. In fact, why are you even reading this article? Idiots.

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