How to Kill Warts

how to kill warts

Killing Warts

Warts are hard, small, and typically round growths that occur on the skin and are commonly caused by a virus. The most popular way to have warts removed is to pay a visit to your dermatologist for a professional treatment. However, many people find that this is not within their price range.

There are several ways that one can go about removing warts at home. However, this process can take quite a while, as long as several years. Unfortunately, warts also have a nasty habit of reoccurring. In some instances, leaving the warts alone may be the best choice. However, if they become disfiguring or painful, killing warts may be the best option.

how to kill warts

Because viruses are the primary cause of warts, it is rare to find an over-the-counter medication that can remove the growths in a safe manner. Mecurochrome, hydrogen peroxide, Bactine, hydrocortisone, or alcohol can make the area surrounding the warts less inflamed or itchy. However, these products will never completely remove the warts. The most effective over-the-counter drugs are those that are designed specifically to remove warts.

Perhaps the most common of these ingredients is salicylic acid which is applied drop wise on the area in order to kill the wart. The process is gradual but salicylic acid, unlike other medications, cause little to no damage on the surrounding skin. The primary disadvantage to the use of this over-the-counter medication is that it takes quite a while to work, often several days or weeks.

Recently, another popular over-the-counter treatment has become available. Several dermatologists remove warts through the process of cryogenics. This consists of the wart and the nearby skin being frozen using a chemical. After one treatment, maybe two, the wart will deaden and fall off the skin. Today, individuals with warts are able to purchase non-prescription forms of this treatment to use at home.

In order to remove these warts, the patient will use an aerosol in order to deliver the chemicals on the targeted area with the wart. The warts then become frozen solid and will fall off the skin. The primary drawback of this method is that it is initially quite expensive. Only one application can cost around 20 USD or even more. The cost depends primarily on the quality and the brand of the product.

Although the majority of home remedies have not been shown to be useful, there is one that has been shown to be effective in some tests. Individuals who filed down dead skin and then covered the areas using duct tape showed certain improvement. The effects are gradual and typically take a few weeks. However, duct tape has been shown to reduce the amount of time that it naturally takes to reduce warts.

If these medications and treatments are not effective, it may be necessary to make an appointment with a dermatologist. The doctor will remove the warts using acids, cauterization, lasers, or cryogenic freezing. The most important thing to keep in mind is that no one should try dangerous at-home remedies such as hot needles, acids, or razor blades.

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  1. the way to kill warts? proved and tested by me… banana skin.
    cut a little square out and tape/bandaid it over the wart, change it as often as you need… but not too often. i know this sounds nuts and gross, but it doesn’t even leave a scar and mine never came back, 6 years later still nothing!

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