How to Kill Flies

Flies are annoying. Its that simple. Shoo fly don’t bother me is an old rhyme that we are all familiar with. Where there is one, there are bound to be hundreds more. They are looking for a way into your home to take over. If one gets in, an infestation is not far behind. The best way to combat flies is with preventative measures but odds are if you are reading this than it may be too late for you. However, I will go over these common sense things to do to keep you from getting flies because you are probably too stupid to think of them.

Keep your doors and windows shut. Is that hard to do? No, it isn’t. If you enjoy having so fresh air in your home as I do, then I would recommend investing in some screens. They will allow the fresh air in while keeping the pesky flies out. Another way to avoid having flies around is to keep things clean. Flies are attracted to garbage (I’m not pointing any fingers but if you have a serious fly problem you are probably a dirty person). Make sure to empty your trash on a regular basis. If you think your trash is always smelling, your are not taking it out enough. Also, make sure you keep a lid on your trash cans, inside the home and out. Flies love food, I mean they really love it. So don’t leave food lying about either because that is a sure fire way to get them into your home. Flies Also love shit, any sort of it. I seriously think that it may be their favorite thing in the world. So if you have pets (or a deranged roommate) clean up after them and change their litter boxes on a regular basis.

Okay, now to move on to how to kill flies since you have them because you are more than likely a pretty filthy person. First thing you should do is put up fly paper. This is very sticky paper that the flies will land on but not be able to get off of. They will hangout there until they die. You should figure out where the flies are hanging out the most and put them there. The fly paper can be used inside or outside. Another way to kill flies is with insect light traps. These will attract the flies to the light and then trap them. Then there is the ever useful bug zapper. Place these near doors or where the flies are making their way in. Plus, these things are fun to watch.

Another way to kill flies is with bug spray. There are various different kinds that can be used but be careful because some may be harmful to people and pets. Always read the bottle. There is a chemical free method that I know of:

  • Heat about two cups of water on the stove without boiling
  • Stir in 1/3 cup white vinegar, 1/2 cup maple syrup and 1 cup sugar
  • Continue to heat and stir until everything has dissolved
  • Pour the mixture into a couple of jars, fill about halfway
  • Put plastic wrap on the jars and poke a few holes
  • Place the jars where the flies like to hangout
  • The flies will be attracted to the jars and die a sticky death

If you have a small or medium fly outbreak, my favorite way to kill flies is with a flyswatter. Don’t underestimate this┬áprimitive weapon in the war against flies. It is very effective, as long as you have decent aim. Its simple, take the flyswatter and swat at any flies you see. It can get a little messy but the flies will be dead at least. Also, this is a good way to relieve stress and anger. Warning though, it can get a little addicting. You may not think so but believe me it does. You can substitute a rolled up newspaper for the flyswatter but in my opinion it is not as much fun. Or you can be gross and kill them with your hands but like I said that is gross.

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