How to Kill a Cold

how to kill a cold

Killing a Cold

Colds, everyone gets them and everyone hates them. They just basically suck, like you. Everyone is always looking for that new way that can kill a cold fast and everyone knows of some home remedy that is a sure fire way to kill a cold. Some of these work and some don’t. It depends on how your body works and everyone’s is different. I will give you information on the most common home remedies that seem to work more than others.

If you have a cold the key is to drink lots of water and I mean lots. If you say you drink enough as it is, you don’t so go drink some more. This will help flush your body out. Also try going to a sauna or something to sweat the toxins out. Make sure you are eating and getting the nutrients to boost your immune system. People usually up the dose of Vitamin C they take when they have a cold. This will help you fight a cold faster. Sucking on lemon slices will help or try something like Emergen-C.

Taking over the counter cold medicine will make you feel better but will not actually make you better. They are actually just hiding your symptoms and they will mount a surprise attack later making you feel worse. You will need lots of rest to kill a cold in combination with staying hydrated and upping your intake of Vitamin C. Zinc tablets will also speed up the process. Like Vitamin C, it will help your immune system fight the virus. I know people who swear by Echinacea which is a natural medicine for the cold.

Another way to kill a cold is by eating garlic, lots and lots of garlic. It is a natural antibiotic. You can eat garlic cloves fresh, put lots into your food or by some garlic pills. You will smell like garlic, there will definitely be an odor involved. People will not want to be around you. Not just because of the garlic though, people just don’t like you and are looking for an excuse not to hangout with you. I also hear combining the garlic with some onions works better. Some people tend to think that drinking alcohol will help but I’d say those people may or may not have a drinking problem.

If your throat hurts I would recommend gargling salt water. It will help kill the infection in your throat. Also drinking tea with lemon and honey will make your throat feel better. I just carry honey with me and eat it by the spoon full whenever my throat hurts. Ginger is also said to help kill the cold. If you are stuffed up then eating spicy foods will help with that. If all else fails, you can go to the doctor but the odds are he’ll tell you exactly what I did.

Now if you are confused and thought that this article was on how to kill the cold as in the temperature then you are stupid. You can’t kill the temperature. If you are cold then put a damn jacket on or perhaps don’t go outside. If you really hate the cold then perhaps you should move somewhere where it doesn’t really get cold. I would recommend Arizona, I hear that it reaches over 100 degrees up ¬†until October sometimes. But then you will probably complain about the heat. You are probably one of those people who just can’t be pleased, asshole.

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