How to Kill Bed Bugs

how to kill bedbugs

Killing Bed Bugs

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite! Its a saying that we are all familiar with. It is also very true, bedbugs bite. Their bites won’t usually do you any harm besides that of your basic bug bite. Bedbugs are an infestation. They get carried into your home a variety of ways and are a bitch to get rid of. There are some methods you can try but whether or not they work depends on how bad of an infestation you have.

Bed Bugs
How to Kill Bed Bugs

If you think you have bedbugs the first thing to do is do a thorough clean and¬†vacuuming of your house and especially where you believe the infestation is. They tend to live in mattresses but can be anywhere. You really need to vacuum every crevice and corner in your house. You may also want to close up any holes or cracks in your house. After you do this, go over the infested area with a steam cleaner, a ‘dry steam’ works best because it won’t cause mold. Make sure to pay close attention to your mattress and go over it a few times. You may also want to steam the whole house if you believe it to be a wide spread problem. If you do all this and you still have bedbugs there are more measures you can take.

The next method involves the use of insecticides to kill bedbugs. There are dusts and sprays available and they work best when you use them together. You want to make sure you treat all the furniture, baseboards and mattresses in your house to rid yourself of these nasty bugs. After you do all this I recommend buying a mattress cover that is designed to keep the bedbugs out and from biting you. Here is a list of products that will help you with your bedbug problem:

  • Pyganic Dust
  • Phantom¬†Aerosol
  • Bedlam Aerosols
  • Temprid SC Insecticides

There is another dust that can be used and is claimed to actually work. Food grade diotamaceous eath, not the kind that you put in your pool, will kill bedbugs on their way to bite you in your sleep. You will want to place it around your bed, near cracks in the wall and in the mattress if you can. This is ground up fossils with jagged edges that will cut the bedbugs and kill them by making them bleed to death. It is not harmful to humans but I wouldn’t suggest inhaling or ingesting it. I know some of you idiots were thinking what kind of high you’d get from snorting it but don’t be stupid, it could cut your insides.

If all else fails, which it very well could if you can’t follow my simple instructions, call the exterminator. He’ll know how to take care of these pesky bugs. Sometimes this is the only way to get rid of them. Call them up and ask them what you should do in preparation and they will let you know. I know some of you are thinking that you may have lost the war and moving may be your only option. You can do this but odds are they will hitch a ride to your new place inside of your furniture. Others are thinking they have lost and the only way to stay safe is by burning the house down with everything in it. It will work and you’ll get that insurance check and be able to start fresh, just don’t caught. You probably will because let’s face it, you’re not very bright.

So goodnight, sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite, seriously.

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