How to Kill Grass

how to kill grass

Killing Grass

Grass is wonderful, why would anyone want to kill it? Of course I am referring to the yard kind and not the kind you smoke, I swear. I like grass in yards and what not. The whole desert landscaping just looks like crap. But to each their own I guess. There are a few reasons to kill grass, you are lazy and want an easier landscape, you want an area to plant a garden, you want to create a monster truck arena or whatever floats your boat. I will give you a few different options to achieve this.

One method to kill grass is with newspapers. Yep, your basic Sunday paper, or a few of them, will do the trick. Newspapers are not as innocent as they seem, they are tough and mean and will rage an all out war on your lawn. Just follow a few simple steps and you will be grass free.

  • Step One: Mow your lawn, it makes the whole process easier
  • Step Two: Put newspapers into stacks, about ten sheets
  • Step Three: Lay them on your lawn in an overlapping fashion
  • Step Four: Put a layer of mulch over the newspapers, about five or six inches
  • Step Five: Spray water over the mulch to pack it down

That’s it. Its pretty simple but takes some work. You will need to wait a few weeks or a couple of months for the grass to be killed. The newspaper and mulch will break and will create nutrients for your lawn. Now you can re-landscape your lawn. Some people use black trash bags and rocks if they are not worried about giving their lawn nutrients. Basically all you are doing is blocking the sun from the grass which kills it.

Another way to kill grass is with vinegar. You can get a large lawn sprayer or if its a smaller area just any spray bottle will do and just spray it on the grass. The acid in vinegar will kill the grass. Some people prefer pickled to white but either will do. Be careful though, vinegar will kill any vegetation so watch where you put it.

You can always go the chemical route. There are many different herbicides out there that will get the job done. Your best but is to go to your local home improvement store and explain what you want to do and they will let you know what works best for your particular task.

If you want a fast way to kill grass, you can always light it on fire and watch it burn. This is a dangerous method though. You need to to have water on hand just in case things get out of control. I like this method. Maybe I just like fire and burning things. There’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t you judge me. I don’t judge you. OK, maybe I do but I don’t tell you about it. Also if you are stupid enough to burn your house down, yourself or someone else don’t you go blaming me. I’m not the idiot who did it.

The other way to grass, you know the other kind of grass is by smoking it. That is definitely the best method. There are a variety of devices that can help you with this.

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