How to Kill House Mice

how to kill house mice

Killing House Mice

Killing house mice efficiently and preventing their return can be summed up in three letters: C-A-T. However, keeping cats in a home or on business premises is not always desirable; they themselves cause damage to furniture and carpeting and are unsuitable for allergy sufferers. They are also notorious for shedding fur on clothing and other fabric surfaces, necessitating much additional cleaning and maintenance.

In addition, domesticated cats quickly become too docile to be of much use in killing house mice, whereas feral cats are no more desirable than mice for most homeowners.

Therefore, efficient and effective chemical and physical means to kill house mice are usually preferred to leaving the job to one or more semi-domesticated feline predators. Most chemical preparations which are used to kill house mice are rather effective in a very cruel way – they cause mice to bleed to death once the unfortunate rodents eat bait that is laced with these chemicals.

how to kill house mice

Now, while that does not sound very appetizing, it is certainly better than putting yourself and your family at risk for rodent-borne disease. Therefore, placing bait outside your house is a perfect safeguard against mice. However, if you already have mice inside your home, you need either glue or spring traps or a rodent electric chair to make sure you can dispose of any trapped mice.

A rodent electric chair? Well, not really a chair, but a bait laden box that emits an electric charge, which is the mouse equivalent of Florida’s Old Sparky, is available to kill mice indoors. Once one mouse is executed, you simply empty the box and set it up again to electrocute additional rodents. How much electricity is needed to give a mouse the death penalty? Believe it or not, four AA batteries will get rid of thirty mice, and if you still need to dispatch more mice, all you need to do is change the batteries.

Glue or spring traps stop mice through physical means – mice get stuck in these traps and cannot move. Glue traps also suffocate mice which try to move while caught in the traps. Electric devices are more humane and do not require contact with or even sight of the deceased rodent before disposal. In addition, the right bait is needed for spring traps and eventually mice become wise to the sight of the trap.

House mice have no place in homes – period. Killing them is an absolute necessity, both inside and outside the home. Poisons are best used outside as a poisoned mouse inside the home may be difficult to remove, and electric mouse traps are the best means of killing mice inside the home.

As for getting a cat, don’t do it just to get rid of mice. By all means, if you want a cat anyway, it may well reduce your rodent problem, but chances are that unless you have more than one, you will still need to deal with mice using other methods of extermination.