How to Kill Mosquitoes

how to kill mosquitos

Killing Mosquitoes

If you’ve ever been outside at any time in your life, you’ve probably come across a mosquito. Unless you’ve been living in a bubble you’re entire life or you’ve been living in a frozen winter fortress of solitude then you’ve definitely come across a mosquito at one point or another.

Considered very dangerous in their own right, mosquitoes can pose more than just a slight discomfort while camping or mowing your lawn. They can carry serious diseases like dengue and malaria and other diseases that would make you wish you were bitten by Edward instead. At least you’d be immortal and in love forever right? But alas that fantasy comes crumbling back to reality and you’re just faced with the harsh reality of a mosquito transmitted disease.

To avoid mosquito bites, do some preventive maintenance and kill those mooches before they become a problem. There are so many ways and so many places to kill a mosquito and here are just some of them.

how to kill a mosquito

Prevention is always better then remedy so try to eliminate sources of mosquito breeding areas. Pretty much anywhere with stagnant water is a bad thing because that’s where mosquitoes lay their larvae and come springtime you’ve got a whole bunch of baby mosquitoes just craving fro some blood. Do away with this by throwing out the stagnant water in these places. Tires in your backyard, large puddles, small ponds without any fish in them and pretty much anything that has sitting water in it needs to go. If you already see little larvae swimming around, a good thing to do would be to add BTI (Bacillius Thuringiensis Israelensis. Yeah, it’s a mouthful right) to the water. If you have a pond, make sure to either add a fountain feature to it to make sure the water’s not just sitting there and also add small fish if you can to eat the larvae before they can even get off the ground.
Bug zappers are also a good way to attract mosquitoes. It’s also one of the most entertaining way to kill them. They just fly in and zap! You’ve got mosquito toast. Bug zappers are usually placed outside and are in the shape of lamps but recently some wise guys thought it would be cool to place the same technology in a battery operated tennis racket looking contraption. They should make a sport out of it and call it Bugminton.

Bug spray like Raid is also a good way to get rid of mosquitoes inside. Just make sure you leave the room as the smell can be nauseating.

Lastly there’s the old fashioned way of killing a mosquito. This is perhaps your last line of defense and it’s called slapping yourself in the back of your neck. Good luck!