How to Kill Rats

how to kill rats

Killing Rats

Rats, filthy, disgusting, dirty, disease spreading  rodents. They are vermin and are just plain gross. I dislike them immensely plus they really creep me out. They really do spread diseases.  Black Plague anyone? You definitely don’t want them in your house or anywhere near you for that matter. They are a couple of ways to kill them. Some like one more than the other but I’ll give you information on both.

One way to kill a rat is with rat poison. In fact, rat poison will kill just about anything. It is a favorite method of offing an opponent for classic cartoon characters and for killing someone you just don’t like. The killing of the rats this way is easy but the clean up is a big pain in the ass. What you do is find out where the rats are hanging out and where they are eating. You place poison pellets or some poisoned cheese or just poison anything that rats will eat. They will die, either instantly or a bit later depending on the poison. Its where they die that can be the problem. They can die in your walls, or somewhere you can’t find them. This will cause a foul smell to come about. It is a messy but effective method for killing rats. Here is a list of some good rat poisons:

  • Just One Bite
  • Contrac
  • d con
  • Hot Food
  • Tomcat

If you decide to go the rat poison route then, you need to be careful. Don’t place it where a child or pet can reach it. Buy a bait station if this may be an issue for you. Also if you happen to have a completely stupid roommate or are that stupid yourself, this is a good safety precaution to take. Unless you are hoping that your stupid roommate will find it, you know, as an “accident”.

Another method to kill rats is with a snap trap. These are just basically bigger mouse traps. Again, you need to find out where the nasty rats are hanging out. The first step to this method is just putting the traps in place. You will need to leave them there for a bit so the rats can get used to them. They’re not that stupid and will assume that it may hurt them. They are shy of new things. Once you think that the rats are used to them, bait and set them. You can poison the bait if you want to ensure the death of the rat. Depending on your rat problem, you may need a lot of them. Check and reset the traps as needed. This is the preferred method for killing rats.

However, there is one rat out there that is not to be harmed. If you accidentally stumble upon this rat, be careful, he can do some serious damage to you. His name is Splinter and the dude is a ninja. He also happens to be a nice rat. He raised four orphans all by himself. If you do harm this rat, these now grown orphans will severely kick your ass. I can guarantee this. Some may think that Splinter has already perished but I wouldn’t be too sure of that. He is a fighter.