How To Kill Bees

how to kill bees

Killing Bees

Bees are tricky creatures. They can be very helpful or harmful. If you have a garden you’ll want bees around because they help pollinate the plants. However, if you are allergic they can kill you. See My Girl as an example. I still cry whenever I think about that scene. Its just so sad. Anyways, you need to make sure whether or not you want the bees gone before you set out to kill them. If they’re a¬†nuisance¬†and you’re allergic or what not then you might want to rid yourself of them. But if you have a pretty garden or what not you might want to think about it.

One method to kill bees is with Seven Dust. I am not talking about the heavy metal band, though I’m sure if you played them for the bees they will probably die. The Seven Dust I am talking about is a pesticide dust that is very deadly for most creatures. What you need to do is locate the hive. Make sure to protect yourself while doing this, especially if you are allergic or don’t know if you are. Wear something that can protect your body and face from the bees. Once you have located the hive, go back at night while they are sleeping and spray the Seven dust into the hive entrance. This will kill all that come into contact with it. Be careful while using this insecticide, its dangerous.

Another method to kill bees is with a bug zapper. Again locate the hive and return at night, always wear protective clothing. Place the bug zapper in front of the entrance of their hive. In the day turn it on and it will kill the bees, lots of them. Another way to kill bees is with soapy water. Mix dish soap and water in a spray bottle, bucket, or in an attachment for a hose and spray the heck out of the hive or just dump a bucket on it. Do this at night while they are sleeping and wear protective clothing. Also, run like hell when you are done because there will be a few survivors and they will not be happy with you.

If you are highly allergic to bees and don’t want to risk dealing with them yourself I would suggest calling a pest control company. They may be expensive but at least you won’t be dead. Another thing that can be done, especially if you don’t want to kill the bees, is to find a local bee keeper. They will usually come out and take the hive away for free. They do this because of the honey and because bees are important for our ecosystem. Speaking of honey, there are a few things that you should know about bees and their honey.

Honey is yummy, its delicious, its awesome. We humans love honey and so do the bees. It is what they spend their lives working on. And it is a lot of hard work. If the bees were ever to find out that we steal their honey, their hard work, their livelihood they would not be very happy with us. They would mount an attack on us. In fact, they might even decide to sue us. So take precautions to never let bees see you with honey.