How to Kill Stink Bugs

how to kill stink bugs

Killing Stink Bugs

Stink bugs, one of the nastiest creatures on Earth. Even the name sounds repulsive, as there’s nothing ever usually good about bugs or stink. Unfortunately, these bugs have been known to inhabit homes in North America, and they can cause some problems.

It would be a good idea to keep a bat around the house, but bats aren’t exactly known for being very good creatures to have INSIDE the house. Keeping a bat house outside of a home is a great way to reduce the local insect population, as bats can gobble down hundreds of insects in a single night! Not only that, but bats don’t leave behind pesticides or nature-harming byproducts like humans do.

People who don’t mind doing a bit of dirty work themselves can search the house for stink bugs manually. Before embarking on a stink bug hunt, fill up a jar with alcohol and drop any stink bugs into the mixture. Close a jar lid over the top to keep the stink bugs inside the alcohol, and watch the little buggers drown. How dare they come into such a perfect home!

Just to make sure that the little pests don’t come back, it’s a good idea to treat the home with an insect and pest control. These products usually last for several months and don’t leave behind sticky residue or a bad odor. There are a number of very good products available online and in stores. Ask local department stores about the best insect control products, or look online for stink bug control. Find something that’ll stop those darned pests from coming back, but take into account factors like whether or not the house has kids or pets and if the product could harm them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make sure to apply the formula around any cracks or opening to the house, as stink bugs are crafty little devils and will do anything to get into the warmth and security of a home.

how to kill stink bugs

These little pests can be so annoying that it makes many people want to pull a darned shotgun on the pests. While this could possibly solve the stink bug problem in any home, it may also warrant a visit from the police and a hefty fine depending on how many people decided to report the sounds.

For the environmentally-minded bug killer, mint can be used as a way to drive away stink bugs. Stick mint leaves near cracks in the wall, under doors, and in windows. The stink bugs hate the smell of mint, probably because it’s not stinky enough for them. Stink bugs don’t seem to like the smell of clean very much.

Have a lot of deodorant around? Maybe you can share it with your insectoid living mates. Then again, AXE does smell pretty bad already.