How to Kill Fire Ants

how to kill fire ants

Killing Fire Ants

Fire ants are nasty little buggers (no pun intended), and they can be an awful problem for those who have to deal with them, whether they are inside of the homes or out in the backyard. They are at top of the list for being one of the worst pests, right along with hornets, bees and wasps. While the fire ant has no natural enemies, it has certainly garnered quite a bit of angst from humanity. Fire ants are an especially frequent problem at households in the southern states. Due to its painfully strong sting, the fire ant is a considerably dangerous foe to contend with. This is especially true for those who have allergic reactions to the fire ant. An allergy to fire ants can quickly turn into a deadly situation when someone is under attack.

Once these pests have invaded the home space, it will be necessary to act quickly to get rid of them once and for all. Now is the time and place for some good old fashioned genocide! How can fire ants be thwarted? What is their weakness? These are some very good questions, and luckily, both of them can be answered with several “tried and true” solutions.

how to kill fire ants

One of the most commonly used methods for killing fire ants is drowning them out from inside of their colony. This is a completely earth-friendly approach to eliminating these pests and will always work. The best part about this method is that it is a really simple one. The only precautionary measure to take is to do the job quickly and efficiently. This helps to avoid the angry sting of the defensive fire ants.

A water bucket is required, and it will need to be filled with at least five gallons of hot water. The water should also have some soap in it. Use a shovel to dig up the colony mound and dump it into the bucket. Stick around for a while to watch the ants try to swim (and fail miserably)! Leave the bucket in its place for at least 24 hours before dumping the remains. The water will douse the fire. Now how ironic is that?

The final solution involves waiting for a rainy day. After the rain stops, immediately pour a large bucket of boiling water into the center of the ant mound. Typically, this kills up to 60% of the total fire ant population. It is definitely the simplest method for getting rid of fire ants. There is no need to spend extra money on an exterminator. The only time when professional help should be sought is when fire ants are infesting the home so badly that there is no other option.

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