How to Kill Maggots

Killing Maggots

In the first place, though some would say this is more precautionary than not, understand that maggots are larvae from flies. If you see flies, get rid of them so that you will not have the continuing problem. If the maggots have made their presence, there are several things you can do to eliminate them naturally before resorting to chemical eradication. The best way to handle them naturally is by pouring boiling water over them to instantly kill them. Adding bleach or ammonia to the boiling water, but never both bleach and ammonia, can expedite the process too. This is a good method if they are outdoors on your property near trash cans or in places that where inundation of water will not ruin the area.

If, however, they are inside your home, this may not be a procedure you will want to employ. If they are in carpets in your home, you will most likely have to employ a professional steam carpet cleaner to rid yourself of these pests. The steam must be very hot so you need to let the carpet cleaning professional know about the infestation so that the temperature of the steam will be conducive to the maggots’ eradication. Of course, you can still eliminate them in the house without pouring boiling water on them and without the employment of a steam cleaning professional if you have the stomach to scoop them up, place them in an airtight plastic bag, and don’t mind putting them in your freezer to freeze them to death.

how to kill maggots

With a more intense infestation, it may be necessary, as a last resort, to use chemicals other than just common household cleaners like bleach and ammonia. Permethrin is one very effective chemical that is used for maggot extermination. It isn’t a terribly toxic chemical compared to others and, in fact, is found in dog shampoos and even in dusting aids such as Pledge and Endust. Still, with these larger infestations, the amount of permethrin is going to be important and what is in these various products may not be enough to eliminate the maggots completely. It may be necessary to get the professional advice of an exterminator in these situations.

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