How to Kill Yellow Jackets

how to kill yellow jackets

Killing Yellow Jackets

More than one person who has planted their dream garden has found that the entire area has become a home for yellow jackets. Instead of being able to enjoy your home and garden during the summer months, yellow jackets can make the area unenjoyable and even dangerous. If you are one of those who is dealing with yellow jackets on a regular basis, the following are a series of steps that can help you to kill these pests and finally enjoy your home and garden.

Step #1

Before you try to eliminate the yellow jacket nest, get to know the pattern of the yellow jackets. You want to make sure that the majority of the pests are in their nest when you set out to eliminate them. The best time of day for this is at dusk when the yellow jackets typically return to their nest for the night.

Step #2

Before you even think about eliminating a yellow jacket nest, make sure that you are thoroughly dressed for the occasion. This means that you should cover all of your body. Wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, high top boots, and gloves. If it is possible, wear ski goggles as well as a face mask so that your face is covered as well. Using a hat will complete the ensemble as well as cover your ears so that there is no risk of you getting stung while you are killing the yellow jackets.

how to kill yellow jackets
kill a yellow jacket

Step #3

Purchase an insecticide and read all of the directions thoroughly. All of these directions will vary slightly. For the most part, before you spray the contents of the body, you should walk towards the nest and then place the nozzle of the bottle within the hole of the nest. Despite this, make sure that you read the instruction before doing anything. The worst thing that could possibly happen would be for the process to go wrong, forcing you to deal with a bunch of angry yellow jackets.

Step #4

Place the nozzle of the insecticide within the nest and then spray its contacts. The majority of insecticides will kill off the contents of the nest almost instantaneously. However, continue to spray for several seconds so that the hardier creatures do not survive and leave the nest after you remove the insecticide bottle from the opening of the nest. Even if you believe that you were completely thorough, be wary of yellow jackets escaping the nest.

Step #5

The day after you nuke the nest, check to make sure that no yellow jackets are still alive or have returned to the nest. It may be necessary to use the insecticide again if there is still evidence that there are yellow jackets that call it home.

Step #6

Once you have determined that all of the yellow jackets have successfully been killed, use a broom to knock the nest onto the ground. Ensure that you remain fully clothed when doing this as well just in case there are a few yellow jackets left from the insecticide.

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