How to Kill a Fairy

how to kill fairies

Killing Fairies

Fairies. Those elusive, beautiful, magical creatures that have fascinated and eluded us for centuries. They are the stuff of magic; the creatures of legends and dreams. They’ve even become pop culture icons. Tinkerbelle anyone?

Truly though, has anyone ever really seen one? Rumor has it that they could be conniving cruel creatures that tricked and played young women false. Which seemed to be the exact opposite of the unicorn, which was always pure and true to young maidens everywhere. And according to Hagrid of Harry Potter fame, it was a sin to kill a unicorn.

how to kill a fairy

But has anyone ever found out the way to kill a fairy? It’s said that if you say “I don’t believe in fairies” that will kill a fairy just as fast a bullet to a human or a stake through a vampire’s heart. If you believe The Sookie Stackhouse (aka True Blood) fans, Vampires are addicted to fairy blood and they would just as soon suck a fairy dry as look at it! Of course that’s if they are fully human sized. If they are tiny grasshopper sized creatures, couldn’t you just, step on them a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer and that tiny little fear demon, Gachnar? All I can hear in my head is a tiny little demon saying “Fear me, fear me,” before it gets stepped on by a huge stompy boot!

There are some that say fairies are allergic to iron. Cold iron to be specific. Which if you were a Supernatural fan would leave you to believe that they are some kind of undead being. For in that fictional world demons and ghosts do not take kindly to being shanked with iron fireplace pokers. But then again, demons don’t take kindly to much of anything. They’re frigging demons!

It seems that no culture can agree what category fairies fall into, the dead, the undead, demon, ghost, figment of ones imagination, humanesque, tiny creature, the list goes on and on. So until we can agree what species they are, other than perhaps their own species, how can we fight, let alone kill such a creature?

But then we also have to consider, why would we want to? I don’t think a fairy ever did me no harm. In fact, I quite like fairies. They are mystical and magical and beautiful. So, why do I want to go on some fairy killing spree?

I don’t, actually. But I DO know how to keep a fairy alive. Give me your hands if we be friends, and tell me you DO believe in spooks, I mean fairies and the fairies won’t die a painful, horrible death! I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!